Hardwood Products
Interior Doors

    AHP will provide a warranty to the original owner of the home.

    HARDWOOD DOORS: Lifetime

    MDF HYBRID DOORS: One Year from date of installation.

    To receive this lifetime warranty the following must be adhered to:

      Doors must be stored flat and in dry conditions. Doors must be hung according to industry standards.

      Doors must be finished on all 6 sides or warranty is void. Doors may not be trimmed any more than factory recommendations (1/2” on bottom and 1/4” on each side).

      Doors may only be used in an interior application.

      AHP’s obligation is only to replace the door; labor not included.

    This warranty is only against manufacturing defects such as warping, checking and delamination. Note on maple or white birch: we will only warranty finishes that are clear coat. Dark colors are not warranted.

American Hardwood Products Door Specifications

Sizes & Specifications

Door Thickness: 1-3/8˝
(1-3/4˝ available on special order)

Door Height: 80˝ (6´8˝ )

Door Width:
Slab—1´0˝ thru 3´0˝
Bifold—2´0˝, 2´6˝, & 3´0˝ (2´8˝ special order)
Note: All Bifolds are 1-3/8˝ Thick

Door Stile Width
6 panel: 1-3/8˝ thick
3 panel: 3-1/2˝ (10˝ & 12˝ doors)
3 panel: 4-1/2˝ (16˝ thru 20˝ doors)
6 panel: 4-1/2˝ (24˝ thru 36˝ doors)

1-3/8˝ 6 panel
Stiles: 2-1/2˝
Top Rail & intermediate Rail: 4˝
Lock Rail: 6-7/8˝
Bottom Rail: 8-7/8˝


Tips for Years of Longevity

Wood doors require weekly cleaning simply by using a soft cloth with lemon oil or bee's wax.

Wood doors should be waxed every 2-3 months in order to preserve a clean coat finish on them.

All wood doors require a re-coat on them with Polyurethane or Varathane within the 2nd year to maintain the finish and remain durable to general wear.