Primed Doors

Our high end factory-primed doors are shipped double primed and ready to begin the painting/finishing process. Don't be misled by our competitive pricing - we are able to keep our pricing down by selling a large quantity of door everyday!

To have different style and size doors factory-primed for painting, please contact us.




Styles and Sizes

Primed French 5 Lite
Part #PR-20-00
Door Widths Available: 1' 6 ".

Primed French 10 Lite
Part #PR-20-01
Door Widths Available: 2' 0 ".

Primed French 15 Lite
Part # PR-20-03
Door Widths Available: 2'6" and 3'0".

Primed French Frosted Pantry 1 Lite
Part # POP-20-02-FP
Door Widths Available: 2'0", 2'4" and 2'6".

AHP Door Product Sheets (pdf) Click to Open